Andrey (azangru) wrote,

This one made me laugh:

This is from The Guardian, and I think has a cruder style than cartoons from The Times or The Spectator. The creature holding Johnson (is it the monkey from the Lion King, or is it a mad professor figure?) is Dominic Cummings. The warthog, as indicated by the hair, must be Trump. It took me a while to figure out the hyena, but then suddenly, from the high cheekbones, asiatic eye slant, and roguish snarl — is it Putin?

This one (by Peter Brookes) I didn't quite get at first, although I heard about the story with the kid. The figure on the ground looks, confusingly, like a cardinal, and about of Johnson's size, too. It was only when I googled for the original photo of the child that I saw the resemblance and came to appreciate the cartoon (the phone with the photo, falling from Johnson's pocket, is an additional beautiful touch). So the cartoonist expects his audience to have seen the photo then.

This one (by Morten Morland) also took me some time to understand, although the explanation is literally written in the top-left corner. The play is upon the phrase "the red wall" referring to the host of traditionally Labour ("red") constituencies, which, during this election, went over to conservatives.


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