Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Muslim woman from the audience, on BBC Question Time (on the right):

"You should not mock someone’s religion".

This is so uneuropean, so unsecular. After Voltaire, or Monty Python, or Charlie Hebdo, to hear someone say "you should not mock someone’s religion", to the meek acceptance of the panel and the rest of the audience. Over the course of the last year, Johnson’s frivolous simile of women wearing niqabs to letterboxes has been echoed countless times in various media, mostly with an attitude of horror, and the best defense the conservatives managed to muster is that his article was in fact quite within the context of western liberal discourse, and also empowering, because it was defending women’s right to wear anything they like.

It actually was (here's the full text); but even if it hadn't been, it’s shocking that a person cannot express with impunity how little he thinks of particular societal practices. Not that Johnson is a man of principle; not that he fearlessly speaks his mind to the media, quite the opposite, he is an ingratiating spineless weasel, but still.

(Also, it’s a bit depressing to see how the word racism and the word islamophobia have started to be used almost interchangeably by the British media.)

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