Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Saw a link to a youtube video by a guy who recorded fragments of a debate class he was taking. The premise of the video is that the instructor is rabidly anti-white. From what I googled out after listening to the recording (I wasn't even sure whether it was real or fake; although the instructor’s speech is very distinctive, in a way that would require a lot of talent and effort to credibly imitate), the instructor is real, his name is Ryan Walsh, and he teaches debate at Weber State university. He was also apparently a winner of some debating competitions. Even if, as some suggested, these fragments are grotesque misrepresentations of him, where he is just arguing some outlandish propositions ("affirmations"?) for the sake of the exercise, the way he does that in the fragments of their back-and-forth is so pathetically unintellectual, and unacademical, and familiarly woke.


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    com-petere со-ревновать-ся

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    A beautiful cartoon on the front page of The Week:

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