Andrey (azangru) wrote,

In contrast to ReactConf, where the MC was an embarrassment, MCs at Chrome Dev Summit are amazing. Three out of four: Paul Lewis, Jake Archibald, and Surma. They are (or were) real web developers, have a great sense of humour (Paul and Jake are British, and it shows), and have been on podcasts and screencasts together long enough to have developed a great chemistry, as opposed to some of the speakers who sound mechanical reading their scripts from the telepropmter. From what I’ve seen of the Chrome Dev Summit (not much, but still), their act is among the highlights of the event.

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    com-petere со-ревновать-ся

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    Someone is actually running a youtube ad campaign targeting React developers with a course on becoming a UI architect: The site that the ad…

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    A beautiful cartoon on the front page of The Week:

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