Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A twitter thread, linked to from a developer’s feed, showing a video of a policeman trying to detain a man for eating on a train station

Three thoughts.

First, how the fuck can it be illegal to eat on a street? I remember my utter incredulity when, as a kid, I was told that in the US people can't drink alcohol on the street and conceal it in paper bag. I was like, wait, how is it anybody’s business what and where someone is drinking. I’ve since resigned to the idea that it may be someone’s business. But eating?! This is even more shocking than the discovery about drinking was then.

Second, I would have never thought of that man as "black", as the tweet says about him.

Third, the thread then explodes in indignation about how he is mistreated. While I totally share the view that any legislation against eating is complete and utter bonkers, I think the video plainly shows that he is resisting a police officer, and therefore a reasonable case can be made that this is sufficient grounds for whatever happens next.

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