Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Don’t know that other guy, but McWhorter I know as a popular linguist. Apparently, they also dabble in discussing... whatever that is... life? politics? discourses? This episode is about identity politics (which they both resent).

At 30 min 30 sec McWhorter says, "this list of people that we are often put on, this intellectual dark web". I actively dislike the term "intellectual dark web", although I like many people who are associated with it. First, why the dark web? In the tech speak, dark web was the part of the internet that was not indexed by search engines, and therefore essentially inaccessible unless you happen to know the direct url of the page; so technically, when applied to this group, it doesn’t make any sense. As for "intellectual", it is plain and pathetic self-flattery: some of these people are certainly highly intellectual, others much less so.

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