Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Clippings from the press

1) Cartoons in The Times and The Sunday Times

a) A macabre Theresa as a rotten fish (standing — or lying — for her thrice-rejected deal):

(by Peter Brookes; he publishes them in his Twitter)

Also Brookes’ style, way back from 2016. That’s his Farage, and Boris hasn’t changed a bit over these years:

b) A combination of "when pigs fly" and "put lipstick on a pig". Very recognizable Gove, Theresa May, Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Rees-Mogg (by his posture), Bercow (by his seat). The chap with the gun is Oliver Letwin.

(by Morten Morland, who also tweets his cartoons)

2) A rant about celebrities’ virtue-signalling:

3) Diversity quotas for BAFTA:


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