Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Not that this is news, coming from Alex Russell, but still every time he uses the words "legacy framework" referring to React, I get a bit uneasy:

Hey, Alex from the PWA team on Chrome here.

My strongest advice to teams starting their journey now is to avoid legacy desktop frameworks (e.g. React) and to start with something that's modern-first (Preact, LitElement, Svelte, Vue, Stencil, etc.).

Each of those have good starter kits that I can recommend:

Preact CLI:

Polymer PSK (for LitELement apps):

Sapper (for Svelte):

Vue CLI plus the PWA plugin:

Nuxt.js for Vue:

Ionic PWA Starter Kit (for Stencil):

The reason we don't recommend React-based toolchains is their weight. I wish we had a good example of a React-ecosystem starter kit that was light enough, but thankfully some of the better ones can be used with Preact, e.g. Next.js supports Preact:

Whatever you go with, recommend you set a hard performance budget and automate conformance in your CI:



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