Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Clippings from the press. Mostly the Times.

1) A funny piece of satire:

As a social commentary to the text above, Lady Hale, the president of the supreme court, wore a spider brooch, that the Economist (and, now that I google her, lots of other media) commented on (the Economist even says that "t-shirts with spider motifs quickly popped up on eBay, where they sold in their thousands"):

(also, the cartoonists won’t get over the reclining Rees-Mogg):

2) An MP who is as tired and confused by why wearing black makeup at a party makes you a horrible person as I am (his comment made a splash loud enough to get him into the satirical piece above):

3) A columnist and a correspondent remind the readers that there has been much worse language in the British politics than the one that politicians and commentators were or pretended to be shocked by last week:

4) Also, it seems that Britain may be no better than France or Russia in its attempt to tax Netflix in order to support its own television. I do not understand this. If Netflix or Amazon are more appealing both to viewers and creators, then good for them, they found a more successful model, what’s the big deal?


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