Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today’s plunder from the media:

1) The first page of The Times on Saturday showed a photo of Cambridge pupils protesting against climate change. I am very curious about the logistics of these protests. How are they organized? Is it pupils themselves who, through social media, decide that they feel strongly about the cause and want to go and join the protest; or is it something that teachers suggest that they do? Do they draw their signs themselves, and then attach makeshift handles to them? How does it all work?

2) Also the Times, poking fun at the Labour party (apparently, they held some important conference last week). It’s amusing to see that pictures from the Soviet era are still, thirty years later, recognizable by the British (or perhaps it’s just a glimpse into the demographics of Times’ authors and readers?)

3) Still the Times; keeping up their side of the conversation about gender:

4) A paragraph from the Spectator. I had to re-read the second sentence to find out what "it" in "a few miles from where it began" refers to. There are several antecedents that might claim the "it", and the grammatically most natural one didn’t make much sense.

5) Also Spectator. The last paragraph in the second column (continuing into the third) contains leftover of editing not deleted from the final copy:

6) Finally, Rod Liddle in the Spectator. A curious story in the first paragraph about a child who was told to re-write her essay about the NHS because it was "inappropriate" and not positive enough (again, would really love to see the essay and hear teacher’s response), and also a nickname for Jo Swinson — Mrs Swimsuit:


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