Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today’s grabbings from papers.

1) This column from The Times this time is actually funny:

2) Still The Times. A small piece about how Siri is not taking the stance in the culture wars:

3) But it was the Guardian who started that news and who was more appalled by Siri’s coyness:

I am quite surprised actually that a digital assistant is not configurable to the extent that you could have a feminist assistant, or a conservative assistant, or a muslim assistant, or a gay assistant, or any combination of such, should you so prefer.

4) A Guardian story about France that reads just as if it were written about the Russian anemic culture and its functionaries:


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    com-petere со-ревновать-ся

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    Someone is actually running a youtube ad campaign targeting React developers with a course on becoming a UI architect: The site that the ad…

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    A beautiful cartoon on the front page of The Week:

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