Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Came across this today (remnants of the previous twitterstorm):

The community is like Trump, fuck me sideways! A community is good for innovating on a technology and documenting how to use it (including answering questions or producing teaching courses). What the hell else do people want from a community? Why do they need it to be "welcoming", or "tolerant", or "inclusive", or anything? It’s just a group of people using a bloody piece of technology. Take it, if you like; it’s free. Use it. Build stuff with it. Go and build stuff for others using it, in exchange for money. Learn its strengths and weaknesses. Switch to a different technology if it superior. You don’t have to "belong" to a community in order to do so. You don’t owe your allegiance to it. How has it all turned into a moral stance? And Dan? It’s a goddam celebrity cult in the midst of a tech community.

(The tweet links to a twitter thread that links to a blog post that is too rambly to discuss here, but it does contain many grievances that have become common currency in twitter exchanges)

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