Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today’s harvest from The Spectator:

A scathing article opposing recent European panicky news about forest fires in Brasil. I have no idea whether the author is correct or whether he misses/omits some vital pieces of information about the fires, but in any case, as always, it’s interesting to hear a dissenting voice apart from the choir:

A curious case of a San Francisco school’s murals of George Washington (apparently, there’s a left opposition to these very left-messaging murals):

A couple of examples from the British school life demonstrating how there is an ethical component at work when grading students’ essays. I remember my disgust when I learnt (long time ago; perhaps things have changed since then?) that there exists a class of "ethical mistakes" in Russian exams on the Russian language that can be the basis for lowering student’s grade for exam paper:

And another piece on contemporary curriculum on modern English literature (the author writes "English", but means clearly English literature, not linguistics):


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