Andrey (azangru) wrote,

In the last episode of the Bad Voltage podcast, the three hosts, three people related to tech industry in one capacity or another, agree that they want 8chan gone from the internet. To me, this is sad.

During their conversation, they mentioned a couple of comedians I’ve never heard about, who "...traded in pretty racist, sexist kinds of material." One is British, Bernard Manning, and the other is American, Andrew Dice Clay. I found a recording of Bernard Manning’s show on Youtube, and I have to say I quite like it. It’s the kind of simple, uninhibited, a bit crude kind of humor that was absolutely ok the time when I grew up; and I can’t imagine how anyone may have problems with it. The audience seems to take it in nicely as well:

P.S.: Suddenly realized that Manning reminds me of Evgeny Leonov, perhaps from his Gentlemen of Fortune days.

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