Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Today’s harvest from The Spectator:

1) For the first time, saw a nickname for Corbyn, Magic Grandpa. Surprisingly, it appeared, in two articles, by two different authors, running almost side by side. The first article also called him "the imbecilic Catweazel-Lenin hybrid". I had to look up Catweazel. Turns out it was misspelled, too :-) Perhaps the author and the proofreader were thinking of weasels.

2) A somewhat cynical take on advertisers:

"For about 20 years the advertising industry has engaged itself in a bizarre charade called 'Pretending to be left-wing'. Instead of talking about advertising, the pages of Campaign are filled with industry leaders espousing standard-issue, establishment-approved liberal values. And although advertising remains the acme of capitalism, they like to pretend it’s a compassionate, caring, almost anti-capitalist co-operative. It’s almost beyond satire, because it’s hard to imagine a more ruthless, right-wing industry than advertising"

3) Curious statistic quoted from New Scientist (interesting if true):

4) A bit of poetic humour:

5) And an elegy about growing old:

6) Oh, and a beautiful cartoon! Spectator’s artists are fantastic!


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