Andrey (azangru) wrote,

The media have an infuriating habit when it comes to leaked documents. They publish only small excerpts from them.

Such was the case with Kim Darroch’s (British ambassador to the US) emails, from which the media reported only several phrases: inept, insecure, incompetent ("footless, yellow earth-worm," said Bagheera). Such is now the case with an allegedly leaked style guide that Jacob Rees Mogg sent to his staff. It is a bloody style guide, for goodness sake; publish it in whole if you have it, so that your readers can see its prescriptions in context. But the extracts from it that they publish are hard to make heads or tails of — are they exact extracts from the source document, or are they journalists’ compilation of what they read?

This filter between source material and the reader, that is the reporter, and indeed the paper itself, is very annoying. And then other media start amplifying the message based on the scraps published by the first media.

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