Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A cartoon in The Guardian:

The most recognizable figures are Jacob Rees Mogg (far left), Sajid Javid (center right, with an egg-shaped head), and Dominic Cummings (far right), with tiny Michael Gove peeking from behind his legs. I would hazard a guess that the woman to the left of Javid is Priti Patel (as an Asian, she is colored the same way as Javid), and perhaps the muscular chap between her and Rees Mogg is Dominic Raab (a guess based only on the position of his seat on the front bench of the conservative party in the House of Commons). I have no clue who the two guys between Cummings and Javid are.

The balloon, of course, is Boris.

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    O M G 🤦

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