Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Following up on my previous post about Boris at his first hustings. I found the full text of the paywalled Sunday Times (Jun 23) column that reported on that event, and came across something quite fascinating:

Notice the passage in the right-hand column:

At one point, he speaks in an enormous frothing crescendo, saying how his "ambition" can be summed up in one sentence:
"It is our country to unite our society"
I am sure I wrote it down right.

What indeed. And no, she did not write it down right. But what’s more remarkable is that she did not check this, obviously nonsensical, sentence with the video recording, which was streamed (in real time!) on youtube (and most likely on facebook as well) before submitting her column to the paper. Because it is absolutely clear that what he says there is: "And if I could sum up in one sentence my ambition for this country, it is to unite our country, unite our society" (which is a plain and uninteresting commonplace, true, but not a linguistic absurdity):


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