Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Last week, the British media was heatedly discussing an episode when a minister grabbed a female protester who was walking around a dinner table, apparently to get closer to the podium:

I guess the vigor of the media was partly fueled by the minister’s closeness to one of the contenders for the post of Prime Minister, Jeremy Hunt (which association was repeated over and over in various sources). Boris meanwhile produced a competing scandal by having police appear at the door of his... whoever she is... Which Hunt immediately capitalized upon and called upon the evasive Boris "to man up" and openly answer questions about his private life. In response to which the BBC published an article on whether it’s ok to use the phrase "to man up":

It’s all rather disgusting. But, going back to the incident with the minister, my greatest shock was when I found this presentation of the events in The Telegraph:

Angry men don’t just wear jeans and carry placards. Sometimes they wear dinner jackets, leaping into action when a woman does something incredibly offensive, like walking past them.

Something incredibly offensive like walking past them! You garbage piece of paper, you!

Also, when commentators say that he could have just stood in front of her and blocked her way, the corpulent man that he is — I am not sure that was an option. Judging by the video, it looks like his reaction was too late. He couldn't have stood in front of her — she was already walking past him when he reacted.

P.S.: I don’t believe his excuse that he thought she might have been armed and posed a threat to (some politician or other, don’t recall). I think it was his frustration at the disruption of the dinner by protesters and sheer anger at the impudence of this one.

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