Andrey (azangru) wrote,

An interesting man, Stephen Kotkin. He authored two books on Stalin. He seems to be enough of an academic to be able to assume a historical distance when looking at contemporary Russia, and he paints it in very dismissive colors, saying that it makes little sense to draw parallels between Putin and Stalin. He also seems to be saying (though I am not sure I am interpreting him correctly) that Russia’s influencing attempts over social media are essentially just a facet of Americans’ own problem with social media. Curiosest of all, he is one of the few Americans I’ve heard not sharing the dominant Western position on Crimea: he says (at about 46 min.), "but the Crimea is going back to Ukraine the day after Texas goes back to Mexico". Somehow, this does not produce an indignant outcry from the audience. Which is refreshing: I am used to another position and other reactions:


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