Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I’ve been spicing up my evening by watching the disgustingly amusing Nikita Mikhalkov — an episode where he is flattering his audience with an idea that they received a good education while the present-day education is going to the dogs. It might be mildly interesting to analyze his smug, complacent rhetoric, his logical fallacies, or his meaningless phrases about the human nature, but what tickled my interest was a fragment of Dmitry Bykov’s talk that he showed:

«...сегодня единственный настоящий патриот — это тот, кто находится абсолютно в ортогональном противоречии с сегодняшним российским патриотизмом. Сегодня быть патриотом — значит быть русофобом» (at about 26:20).

«абсолютно в ортогональном противоречии» — is this a nonsensical phrase of the same category as «стремительный домкрат»? Is there a name for this sort of nonsense?

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