Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Stuart Langridge, Bad Voltage, at about 31:20 (link:

I’m increasingly also finding myself thinking: if you’ve got an opinion you believe is right, and you are lined up with a bunch of arseholes who also believe it, and nobody else, then even if you think it’s right, and you don’t think it’s right for the same reasons as them, maybe back off a little bit... If you’d've asked me ten years ago, I would have called myself a free speech absolutist... but if I ran into someone now, and they said: "I am a free speech absolutist", I wouldn't think, wow, you are flying flag for democracy, Voltaire, I think it's fantastic — I’d think, OK, you want the right to talk about appalling things [unclear]. And I don't really want to be associated with you.

And meanwhile, guest MPs on BBC’s Any Questions agree with each other that they would like to get rid of anonymity on the internet, because bullying on social media.

I almost don’t hear voices that would clearly and defiantly say that yes, they do want to have the right to say appalling things on the internet if they so choose, and in return they accept anyone else’s right to say whatever may appall them.

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