Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Just started watching this and instantly liked the beginning:

One of the reasons that... his [Jordan Peterson’s] rise kind of disturbed me was... I looked at the main book he wrote, and it was just sort of... gobbledygook, right? Yet, he is tenured professor at University of Toronto, person who has academic credentials and accolades; the book was blurbed by the chair of Harvard Psychology Department, and that strikes me... as very strange.

Now, I don’t know what Peterson’s "main book" is — whether it is the self-helpish 12 Rules for Life, which became a bestseller, or whether it's the much more cerebral The Maps of Meaning, which he said he wrote for over a decade (if I am remembering correctly); but if it’s the 12 Rules, I am delighted to meet a kindred spirit who also thinks it’s rubbish. Although I applaud Peterson for his earnestness.

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