Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Mixed feelings about Joe Rogan’s episode with Tim Pool, but they discuss in fair detail the trivia of the social media — who gets banned and what the latest outrages are. I learned that there is a hashtag learntocode, which has recently become offensive (used not in the sense I would have imagined — i.e. telling someone that their coding skills suck and they better learn — but when telling journalists, essentially, to "get a real job").

Also, apparently there is a new rage storm on Twitter regarding a Cavington Catholic School.

On a related note, a (not entirely coherent) quote from Stephen Fry’s conversation with Sam Harris (link, at about 16 mins):

the dangers of [religion and mixing of state and church] are as apparent now as they were then. And they actually leech (?) outside, and things become a subset of religion in a way that is just as important... The same kind of heresies and blasphemies, no longer pertaining to God, and Jesus, and Allah, but pertaining to gender politics and to all kinds of other issues now. And we are still in the same position of thinking, gosh, there are still inquisitions there are still auto-da-fe’s, you know, and you see people falling, tumbling, disgraced, because they’ve said something heretical and foolish. And it’s actually greater now than is was in 2007 [when the iPhone came out]

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