Andrey (azangru) wrote,

There are two things that amuse me about the English version of the GITIS’ web site made by Levedev’s studio. One is how the developers, predictably, all worked on Macs — because the layout defect that is obvious in browsers on other OS's, e.g. in Chrome on Linux, is concealed on a Mac, not sure why (the defect is that some elements in the body make it wider than the screen, and so the body is scrollable horizontally, leaving e.g. these unseemly vertical white spaces):

And the other is that both in the mockup of the site presented in the studio’s portfolio, and on the site itself the very first sentence contains a typo (an extra article). But no-one bothered to read the copy:

But yes, the animated parallax effect in the top of the page is impressive.

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