Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Another thing strangely in common between Russia and Britain is how worked up the media (and with them, politicians) get when talking about social media and teenage suicide.

This topic was popular in the Russian media several years ago. And this week (no idea why) the British media suddenly started talking about a girl who killed herself (in 2017, it turns out; the media don’t usually specify the date), and how her Instagram feed showed posts about depression, self-harm and suicide. They even use the phrase "to promote" or "to encourage" self-harm and suicide (as in this program), which is eerily reminiscent of the Russian "пропаганда самоубийства" (or is it "суицида"? can't remember the media’s preferred word of the time).

There are of course valid concerns about mental health and social media, and Jonathan Haidt speaks very insightfully (e.g. on Joe Rogan show) about the differences in aggressive behavior exhibited by boys and girls, and how social media preferentially amplifies girls‘ aggression. But the media, being the media, seizes a single suicide case and brandishes it about, as if a single case can be indicative of anything.

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