Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Dave Rubin: It’s funny. I sorta had a love-hate relationship with them [Patreon] this whole time, because I never truly felt they really wanted us — say, the Sams [Sam Harris], the Jordans [Jordan Peterson], and the Brett Weinsteins, and me. I never really felt that they kinda wanted us, because they are a leftie Silicon Valley thing. So I don't know if they are using me or not right now [on Patreon’s front page] to pimp out this stuff. But, you know, they never followed me on Twitter, which always really bothered me. I was like, I am making you guys a lot of money, like, what are you doing? (link)

"They never followed me on Twitter, which always really bothered me". Although I tend to like Dave Rubin, these occasional glimpses into the way a media personality thinks are repulsive.

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