Andrey (azangru) wrote,

An interviewer, talking with Martin Fowler about the second edition of his Refactoring:

The first thing that should jump out at anyone that is familiar with the original version of the book is the new version uses JavaScript for the examples. I am kinda curious, why. I mean, is it the ubiquity of the language? Surely, there is a few languages out there that are maybe a little bit easier to demonstrate refactorings.


But it's a nice point, to point out that when it was initially written with Java, very object-oriented language, and now JavaScript, a kind of prototypical-based language, which, with ES6 you can get to objects, but still it's very much a different style of writing...

Even the first paragraph sounds stupid (refactoring is a universal idea of transforming one version of code into a less crappy one; the language shouldn't matter for this that much), but the second paragraph is just atrocious. JavaScript allows for programming in several different paradigms and has done so for a lo-ong time. It has a concept of objects; must have had it since inception. It has the "new" keyword and could pretend it has regular inheritance also since forever. Saying that "with ES6 you can get to objects" is a crime against anyone with a basic knowledge of the language.

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