Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Tucker's opening of yesterday's show:

...Yes, Russia. A remote country in Central Asia with the median life expectancy lower than that of Honduras; a place with an economy about the size of that of the state of Texas; a vodka-soaked icescape whose shuffling workforce can't seem to build a reliable airplane — that's Russia. But nevertheless it's the place that somehow, against all odds, manages to dictate election outcomes on the other side of the world, using a crack team of secret agents so stealthy we still don't know their names after more than two years of investigating it.


If you are looking for a country to fret about, forget about Russia; the Russians may pose a threat to Montenegro and Ukraine, but Phoenix and Buffalo remain safe. The real danger to this country is China.

I feel this (the part about Russia, obviously, not China) doesn't get repeated often enough. Although in the wake of Muller's indictment against 12 Russians, saying that the secret agents are "so stealthy we still don't know their names" sounds disingenuous.

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