Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Found BBC's recent Panorama documentary about the Skripal poisoning. Someone recorded it from the TV screen on a camera, so the video quality is pretty low, but what is worse, the documentary itself feels really trashy and dumbed-down. It is a kind of documentary that tries to keep the viewers in suspense by the cheapest tricks possible — a tense, alarmed narrator’s voice, appeals to secrecy (ludicrously, they interview a Porton Down scientist whom they say they can refer to only by name, but whose face talking to the camera they have no problem showing to the world), promises to get to the bottom of the story ("Novichok, one of the world’s deadliest nerve agents, found its way to Salisbury. But how? The answer lies in Moscow, in this anonymous-looking building, once home to a top-secret Soviet laboratory" — what? how will a former laboratory building tell you how novichok found its way to Salisbury? — or "To understand how a deadly nerve agent came to be used on the streets of Britain, I traveled to Russia, to the home of the intended target, former spy Sergey Skripal").

Targeted for a very broad audience and going for the lowest common denominator, it's a documentary of the sort that is a little embarrassing to watch.

Don't know how long it will stay on Youtube before it will be pulled down for copyright infringement.


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