Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Discussions about Facebook practically never go along the lines of "people are disgusting; they were given a particular piece of technology, and look how they are using it". They don't advance the idea that if the society can be so easily manipulated, then democracy is a joke; rather, the typical attitude is that

In a recent PBS documentary The Facebook Dilemma (which PBS was probably rushing to release before midterms), an interviewed woman says: "Consumer backlash doesn't really work, because I can't leave Facebook: all my family and friends around the world are there". This, to me, is such an infantile argument.

It's sad to see how the public completely absolves itself of any responsibility to use a tool intelligently, and places the onus of responsibility for being well-informed, comfortable and safe entirely on Facebook.

(On the other hand, of course, Facebook is a commercial company, so it will need to adjust to meet the public demand if it wants to keep making profit)

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