Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Jim Kay, an illustrator of Harry Potter, remembering the story of his picture of a hippogriff in Hagrid's hut. Love it so much!

Tricky, getting a big horse on a bed... But the real challenge ahead was putting... Hagrid is giant, effectively, a very big chap, you know. So his bed would be enormous. So you are putting a hippogriff on a giant's bed, but when you put a hippogriff on a giant's bed, it looks like a normal person's bed with a quite a small hippogriff on. So I put a chicken in for scale, right? I thought, I know, I'll just throw a chicken, ’cause then you'll know it's a massive bed and a massive hippogriff. But now it looks like a tiny chicken next to an ordinary-size bed and an ordinary-size hippogriff.

Also, if I am seeing this correctly, another trick up his sleeve for conveying the massive size of the bed was to make the hippogriff lie across its shorter side.

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