Andrey (azangru) wrote,
azangru has copied an article about Hitler and a girl with a Jewish heritage from the BBC Russian service website.

There is a Russian sentence there that springs out as a likely mistranslation, because it does not fit the context and directly back-translates as Hitler was not impressed [with an order] («По словам Гофмана, Гитлера это указание не впечатлило»).

(Correction: in the original English article, it's actually unimpressed, which makes me wonder whether there is a difference in meaning between unimpressed and not impressed)

Anyway, the amusing bit is that this has already been corrected on the BBC site (to «По словам Гофмана, Гитлера это указание раздосадовало»), and Google doesn't even remember that it was ever translated differently.

But the mistranslation must have originated with the BBC. I can't imagine staff changing the translation.

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