Andrey (azangru) wrote,

There’s this guy called Stefan Molyneux — a Canadian autodidact, if I recall correctly. He runs a podcast, self-publishes some books, and by some miracle is counted among the members of the "intellectual dark web", alongside Sam Harris and Eric Weinstein. I think he considers himself to be a philosopher. I learned of him several years ago when I listened to his audiobook on anarchism.

Then, about a year ago, I chanced on his web site, and listened to one of his latest podcasts. It was his attempt to analyze Stranger Things. Which, comically, started by him talking for several minutes about the importance of stories, and of analysis of the works of art, and of search of their meaning:

Every time I review a complex work of art, countless people who apparently learned how to type with their foreheads tell me that I am overthinking things, that I must be a drag to go to the movies with, that I just need to relax and enjoy entertainment, and there is nothing particularly deep or rich or meaningful in any work of art. ... Listen, I am sorry that you have no education in art or storytelling, or meaning, or the power of allegory...

What followed was such an intense bullcrap of presenting Stranger Things as a "massive allegory of mass immigration" that I thought it was a wonderful example of how a critic invents meaning which is not there.

This single podcast was enough for me to lose all respect for Molyneux.

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