Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Alex Russell, at a meeting, within several minutes said two peculiar things: one is simply cute, the other is something I do not quite understand.

The first one is: the higher your income, the more likely you are to have an iPhone, with the likelihood reaching about 100% when you get to a certain level:

I thought that people have actually learned to prefer an iOS or an Android-powered device (I, for example, wouldn't buy an iPhone even if I could afford one); but if he is right, the only reason people settle for Android phones is because an iPhone is too expensive for them.

The other one is that you shouldn’t build your own frontend solution, but instead should use an already pre-configured starter kit. "Basically, at the moment where you are sitting there and deciding to write a webpack config from scratch, you’ve lost," he says. I cannot grasp the reasoning behind it. Is he saying that even an experienced developer cannot configure the environment to a degree that it spits out a reasonably performant app?


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