Andrey (azangru) wrote,

I am a huge fan of Gatsby. I love that by using React it encourages thinking in terms of components. I am thrilled by MDX — a very recent spec that supercharges markdown by enabling the inclusion of JSX (i.e. React components) into it. And I adore their GraphQL-based data layer that makes it so easy to get data needed for building specific pages, and to organize the data (just store it however the hell you like). There are very few rules (some of them silly) and lots of room to configure this thing to your heart’s content.

I’ve seen Hugo, and seen people use it (a colleague of mine actually does, after my suggestion to use Gatsby was turned down), and though I’ve never used it myself, I shudder every time I compare it with Gatsby. Although, granted, Hugo builds are ridiculously fast, and Gatsby’s are just as ridiculously slow.

But a Gatsby build, even barebones, will include around 100KB of JavaScript into a page. Which makes performance freaks roll their eyes:

And this really makes you think about the inevitable compromise that has to be struck between developer experience and user experience.

Being the egotistic bastard that I am, and having tasted Gatsby’s CoolAid, I am firmly in the dev ex camp; but I do fear that the truth is on the UX side.

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    Which/whose corporate interests is he talking about? Which corporations are interested in what? I am so confused.

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    Joe Rogan's episode with Michael Shellenberger is very good.

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