Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Haven’t seen this one before:

The second link in that thread is actually interesting, because it displays the workings of a mind completely alien to me.

So imagine: someone is talking some motivational crap at a keynote.
An attendee tweets pieces of this motivational speech (the very practice of tweeting odds and ends from a talk is such an unfamiliar social practice... argh!).
A Twitter follower points out that the speaker wrote something nasty on Twitter at some point. That has nothing to do with his present talk though.
The attendee gets upset that the conference organizers invited this guy to speak and raises the matter with them.
The organizers are unconcerned, because the speaker has not done anything wrong during the conference.
The attendee gets pissed and leaves.
Now the story of the attendee is used to discourage people from attending the conference.

Weird stuff!

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