Andrey (azangru) wrote,

A chilling thought — a homeless software developer:

Also, since there is an example of a resume... I am always torn between a popular recommendation to list specifically what one has done at their previous job and reluctance to give too much attention to trivial details. Take his resume, for instance:

"deployed to Digital Ocean droplet" is a minor technical detail. Ditto for Capistrano — it’s a super popular tool for automatic deployment. Same goes for Let’s Encrypt. Focus on these technical trivia might signal (to me, if I were among the audience of that resume) that these technologies were unfamiliar/challenging for the candidate enough that he dedicated whole sentences to them. "Ensured external resources are delivered securely", in contrast, is written far more vaguely than "added https using let's encrypt".

Putting jQuery under the rubric of Programming Languages (as well as HTML, CSS, and SQL) might make one wince. Although I understand that the target audience of these resumes is HRs rather than developers.

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