Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Heard "16 tons" on the radio today. For the first time. This particular variant:

I could not make out practically a single word out of the song. Except for the last line in the refrain, which sounded to me like "I owe my suit to the company job".

Now that I am back at my laptop and can follow the lyrics, I am still intrigued by the pronunciation. I am pretty sure he sings "muscle and dung" instead of "muscle and blood", but that's ok; what's more confusing is that he pronounces "get" (in "what do you get") as "gen"; and then "debt", which should rhyme with "get" becomes "den" (to rhyme with "gen"). And "soul" — it's pronounced as "sewl", no wonder I heard it as "suit".

His voice is great, but the diction...

For comparison, here's an old rendition of the song that Youtube offered:


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