Andrey (azangru) wrote,

There is something distasteful about this declaration.

Telegram was (reportedly) relying on a gazillion of ip's from Google and Amazon to evade direct blocking. Is this the uneven fight he is complaining about? If so, then the Roscomfuckery might have a better case to claim the disadvantage, because it's obviously not a trivial task to figure out which of the gazillion ip's to target.

When told to leave the Russian market, Telegram, instead of slamming the door and telling Russia to rot in its swamp, chose to proclaim disobedience. As a result, the carpet bombings of suspicious ip's by Roscomfuckery severely damaged the access to Google, YouTube, and various services hosted on Amazon (such as Slack). This, according to Durov, was done for the benefit of the Russian users. In other words, he is heroically making the captors flog their hostages — while assuring the hostages that he is selflessly acting solely in their interest.

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