Andrey (azangru) wrote,

The post-truth era (if it really existed and wasn't just a catch phrase popular among the left) could help very nicely in the story with the blocking of Telegram in Russia. In such a world, the regulatory agency would perfunctorily block some means of accessing Telegram, while the users would play along and pretend they can't use it anymore. Both sides would then be happy: the regulatory agency would behave as if its job were done, and the users would quietly keep using the messenger.

But in fact it doesn't work like that. Users openly laugh at the efforts of the regulatory agency, and list the ways of accessing the messenger. The founder of the messenger declares that he will always provide a means of using it. And the regulatory agency, in response to all that, is trying more and more damaging measures to block the access.

(I probably should care about the fate of Telegram, given that it can be followed by services that I actually use, but I don't.)

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