Andrey (azangru) wrote,

"You heard what the President of the United States has said about this"
— Nikki Haley, April 9

I imagine the shudder that went among those who regard whatever the President of the United States says as mere agitation of the air.

P.S.: Searching for the quote (that I remembered from yesterday), I watched parts of her address; couldn't bear to watch the whole. These sorts of speeches feel like they belong in a Sentimentalist (or perhaps a Romanticist) novel. Children, women, children, babies, mothers, toddlers, monsters, conscience, horror, horror, blood, shocked, ashamed. It's painful to observe that we have hardly progressed towards rationalism since then. At least in the public discourse.

P.P.S.: I feel I should link to Ben Lesh's twitter thread here (especially this remark), because it's so consonant with my attitude towards all this I'll probably want a reminder.

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