Andrey (azangru) wrote,

Here’s Bryan Lunduke talking about political (or, I don't know, social? ideological?) squabbles in the open-source world:

His monologues in front of the camera are a bit tedious to watch (it's definitely a common problem with the genre, when the absence of a real audience or of a conversation partner leads to slowing of the speech and to repetitions), and he also is using the words racism and sexism as a reasonable layman would, i.e. naively (people familiar with feminist discourse would be aware of their appropriation of these terms in such a manner that one can't be said to be racist against whites, or sexist against men); but still, if only as a list of anecdotes, it's not bad.

Updated after watching the rest of the video: ok, I take it back, there are only three anecdotes in that list; the rest is just repetition - I guess to get to the target duration of the episode. So yeah, it's mostly bad. Bryan is just being Bryan.

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